Back Pain Treatment without Surgery or Medication


Recover from Back Pain
without surgery or painkillers

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QI Back & Spine Clinic

If you have been prescribed for drugs or

surgery for back pain, call us for a

second opinion immediately


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- Lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle

- Prolonged or frequent bending

- Poor posture or slouched sitting

- Sitting or standing for long hours

- Wrong/poor footwear & many more factors...


- Persistent back ache which doesn't go away with rest

- Weight loss, fever, swelling of the back

- Pain radiating to the legs / below the knee

- A recent injury, blow or trauma to your back

- Difficulty performing daily tasks

Why Choose Us?

Pioneers in non surgical recovery with 7 + years in existence

20,000+ patients cared for without surgery or painkillers

300+ spine specialists dedicated to non invasive methods of treatment

28 clinics across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Bangalore

Customized protocols for specific spine conditions


  • Specialisation in spinal diagnosis with a multi-disciplinary approach

  • Evidence based treatment methodologies

  • Technology that enables patient centric precision treatment

  • Advisory panel of leading spine surgeons to deliver comprehensive treatment

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