"I have done an MRI & X-ray, met with an orthopaedic doctor, done physiotherapy and even had painkillers but my back pain keeps coming back- WHY?"

Traditional methods of treatment fail to address the real cause of your pain & provide a permanent cure

European medical guidelines and leading international research journals strongly recommend Spine rehabilitation as the most effective approach for treating back & neck pain

Traditional methods


  • High risk without an assurance of success
  • Primary cause not treated
  • High surgery repeat rate 
  • Slow Recovery

Conventional Physiotherapy

  • No objective diagnosis
  • Outdated Method
  • Not Spine Specialised
  • Passive Electrotherapy dependant
  • No Biofeedback
  • No Measurements


  • Do not work in 47% of cases
  • High risk of side effects
  • Addictive
  • Suppress Symptoms that do not cure

QI Spine Rehabilitation

  • Advanced Spine Physiotherapy by a highly specialised team of experts.
  • Measured Outcomes: Live bio-feedback to monitor progress and changes.
  • Multi-Specialist Team: Combines four medical disciplines to enable accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Accurate Functional and Structural Diagnosis Spine Function Test (DSA) reveals weak parts in the spine.
  • FSM Pain Treatment Cell Repair at a very low frequency. The safest method with no side effects.
  • Isolation Technology for Precision Treatment Targeted to enable rapid regrowth of weak tissue

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