QI Spine Rehabilitation is more effective than conventional forms of physiotherapy & safer than surgery. Our latest proven technologies and evidence-based methods have helped more than 90% of our patients end back pain.



Latest and safest technology

QI Spine Clinic uses the latest global technologies proven for for diagnosis , pain management & treatment of back & neck pain

About our technologies


Personalized & effective treatment methods

Each patient goes through a personalized 4 step rehabilitation programme comprising of personalized & effective treatment methods.

  • Diagnosis
  • Pain Management
  • Precision Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Each protocol is designed to reduce pain and disability, enable the patient to achieve personal lifestyle goals and avoid recurrence of pain.
  • The treatment plan for each patient is derived from an algorithm based on his or her specific condition.
  • QI has treated over 47,000 patients and has used the intelligence from this to create a knowledge management system.
  • This allows our medical team to classify each patient into one of over 100 different conditions and ensure that the treatment plan is one that has worked successfully for other patients with the same condition.


Our specialised Spine Physiotherapists have fellowships in Spine Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics.

They work collaboratively with an advisory panel of India's leading Spine Surgeons, Neurologists, Rheumatologists and Doctors of Physical Medicine.

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