Nobody deserves to live with back pain or go through various methods of treatment, which often do not address the real problem.

“It’s only if you experience the kind of pain I have been through, will you realize what our patients go through. And that became my life’s calling. To relieve people from the excruciating pain and the hopelessness they face. I’d like to think we are the difference between despair and running again”
Nithij Arenja, Founder


Sincerity – comes from the life’s calling of our founder – to relieve people from the excruciating pain

Collaborative spirit – we collaborate with orthopedics, physiotherapists, international equipment manufacturers, and experts in ergonomics – to find whatever it takes to fix your problem

Empathy – Being able to feel what the patient is going through makes us even more committed to putting an end to his pain

Optimism – treating back or neck pain is not an event; it is a process. And often, the difference between success and failure is the unwillingness to give up

Conservatism – It’s a forward, not a backward step in back and neck treatment. Often, practitioners resort to aggressive treatment courses with less than satisfactory results

Brand Vision

To put an end to problems of back and neck pain.
By healing those suffering from back and neck pain, THE RIGHT WAY

Brand mission

To lead the future of back and neck pain treatment in India

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