Our complete QI Spine Rehabilitation Plan comprises of 4 stages. These are


Goal: Identifying root cause of back pain.

Duration : 1-3 days

Revolutionary new diagnostic test at QI Spine Clinic can reveal what MRI’s & X-ray’s cannot Poor diagnosis is the #1 reason why most conventional back pain treatments fail. MRI’s & X-rays only highlight structural issues with the spine, but these fail to identify the root cause of pain in 85% cases.

Where other tests fail to show a complete picture, a spine function test like the DSA can provide doctors with comprehensive diagnosis & medical evidence which pinpoints the exact cause of the pain.

Unique features of DSA ( Digital Spine Analysis)

  • Helps isolate the pain point
  • Measures load bearing capacity
  • Tests spine function across 21 parameters
  • Available exclusively at QI Spine Clinic

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Pain Management

Goal: Pain reduction.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Latest & safest pain reduction technology now in 28 QI Spine Clinics near you 
Studies show that only 1 in 6 back pain patients find relief with common painkillers1. Most of these have long term side effects QI Spine Clinic was the first clinic to introduce Frequency Specific Microcurrents (FSM) to India. FSM technology works at the cellular level with microcurrents which is 100 times weaker than any other electro therapy machine. This makes it the most safe and accurate pain healing machine in the world.

The FSM devices at QI Spine Clinic were developed specifically for Spine conditions after two years of research and collaboration with leading institutes in Germany.

Unique features of FSM Pain healing technology

  • 81% pain reduction in 90 minutes
  • Low frequency currents facilitate tissue repair at the cellular level
  • Reduces inflammation
  • No long-term side effects

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Precision treatment

Goal :  Reducing disability , Restoring mobility & function.

Duration: 2-6 weeks

Our new generation Isolation technology helps our doctors precisely target the treatment to weak areas & prescribe customised protocols Precision treatment at QI Spine Clinic can accurately target weak tissue to ensure it is regenerated so that complete and rapid recovery is possible. Bio-feedback from this technology measures the patient's progress which is then monitored by our doctors.
This helps us provide measured results and closely monitor progress.

Our 3- step precision treatment comprises of

  • Isolation
  • Reversal
  • Regeneration


Goal : Ensuring non-recurrence.

Duration: Ongoing

Doctors at QI Spine Clinic are with you all the way to ensure your pain never returns QI Spine Clinic offers prevention plans for all patients to ensure back or neck pain never affects their daily lives again.

Our prevention plans include

  • Complementary post treatment follow up
  • 6 visit prevention follow up
  • 12 visit prevention follow up

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